The First and Only Live Streaming Fracture Measurement Product in the Industry Case Studies Contact Us Now ShearFRAC™ makes better wells. Our patented technology uses your pressure data to calculate the number of shear and tensile fractures hydraulically created. We stream those measurements back to the data van within seconds through our Live Streaming platform –FracBRAIN™. We teach your team to make changes to your completions second-by-second using these measurements. ShearFrac AI Delivering State-of-the-Art Completions and Reservoir Engineering Case Studies Contact Us Now ShearFRAC™ empowers you to increase well productivity by increasing the number of Shear fractures connected to shale micro fractures. FracBRAIN™ improves fracturing second-by-second. ResBRAIN™ measures productivity and economic value after every stage. Our real-time completions out perform post frac analyses.

Real-Time Rate Changes to Increase Shear Fracturing, Reduce Completions Costs, and Increase Well Productivity by Unlocking the Full Potential of Every Stage

What We Do

ShearFRAC™ provides a Live Streaming platform, FracBRAIN™, using your pumping pressure data, among other channels, to measure the number of shear and tensile fractures.

  • Live Streaming results provided within seconds for every stage
  • No processing time needed
  • No extra equipment needed
  • We train your team to interpret these results and make changes in your completions from these results

Increasing the number of shear fractures increases stage productivity, which leads to better well EUR. Additional ancillary proven benefits seen in projects are:

  • Reduced water use
  • Reduced stage time
  • Reduced costs
  • Mitigation of screen outs

How We Do It

Our patented technology measures rock layer composition, delivering operators live data to better adjust rate and sand use to create greater fracture surface area as well as productive surface area.
FracBRAIN™ listens to the rock, empowering your team to make real-time adjustments in rate and proppant concentration to increase shear fracturing. The rock drives the completion design so you can make changes as you go. Rocks change every stage throughout every well and every second throughout the stage. We have proven results showing improved well productivity by interacting with the rock to make every stage the most efficient.

ShearFRAC wells are 30% better than comparable wells with optimal proppant concentration and 76% better than the area average.

About Us

Our company is driven by your goals. We seek to build a technology partnership with you, and we strive to improve every stage, every well, every acre to minimize your costs and maximize your full cycle profitability. We stand by our mandate and our technology and we believe only by measuring fracture surface area created in real-time can completion effectiveness be optimized for the geology it is landed in.

Our team has extensive industry operational and technical expertise in completion technology, software development, geoscience, geomodelling, petrophysics and reservoir engineering.