The First and Only Live Streaming Fracture Measurement Product in the Industry

Case Studies Contact Us ShearFRAC empowers you to increase well productivity by increasing the number of shear fractures connected to shale micro fractures. FracBRAIN improves fracturing second-by-second. ResBRAIN measures productivity and economic value after every stage. Our real-time completions outperform post frac analyses.

What We Do

ShearFRAC™ provides a live streaming technology platform, FracBRAIN™, which uses pumping pressure data, among other channels from your wells, to measure the number of shear and tensile fractures during each completion stage.

  • Live Streaming results are provided second-by-second
  • No processing time is needed
  • No additional equipment is required
  • We train your team to interpret these results and make desired changes to completion designs for future wells

Increasing the number of shear fractures will improve stage productivity, resulting in higher well IP and EUR, which we analyze using ShearFRAC’s reservoir engineering tool, ResBRAIN. Additional ancillary proven benefits seen on ShearFRAC™ projects include:

  • Reduced water use
  • Reduced stage time
  • Reduced overall completion costs
  • Mitigation of screen outs and FDIs

Client Testimonials


Real-Time Rate Changes to Increase Shear Fracturing, Reduce Completions Costs, and Increase Well Productivity by Unlocking the Full Potential of Every Stage

How We Do It

Our patented technology FracBRAIN™ measures rock layer composition and delivers live data to the client operator allowing for real time water rate and proppant concentration adjustments to enhance shear fracturing, thereby exposing greater productive rock surface area.
FracBRAIN™ listens to the rocks being shattered during each completion stage. The character of the rock being fractured drives the completion design, so stage-by-stage adjustments are frequently very beneficial. Rock characteristics can vary all along a wellbore and second-by-second throughout a stage. Wells completed using ShearFRAC™, compared with non-ShearFRAC™ wells on the same or an adjacent pad, show improved well productivity because of this real time rock-water-proppant interaction. Our objective is to maximize the productivity of every stage.

Driving North America towards energy independence.
ShearFRAC™ provides a live streaming completions platform to increase economic production when oil is valued as low as $40 / barrel.

Our Mission


ShearFRAC™ strives to build ongoing technology partnerships with our clients. We work to improve every stage and every well, helping to maximize operators’ full cycle profitability, and minimize completion costs. Using ShearFRAC™ technology, to measure and enhance fracture surface area as created in real-time, allows for optimal completions in most any unconventional reservoir.

Our team has operational and technical expertise in completion technology, software development, geoscience, geomodelling, petrophysics and reservoir engineering.